Through Open Doors

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Through Open Doors is a campaign beginning on Sunday, 25 February, 2013.

This campaign takes place five years after the end of "Convergence of Worlds". At that time, a party consisting of some of the most famous military leaders, diplomats, scholars, and adventurers ventured through the Offworld Gate to discover its purpose, and Caraonis's place in the greater cosmology of existence. There has been no contact with any of them since their departure.

Since then, others have stepped up to fill their places and keep the nations of the world moving. Oran Thenard, protege of Callon Derisian, now heads the Bladesingers' Guild. Solvath Aemian leads the Archers' Corps in the absence of Gaille Felúriae. The secretive Corridor Society has once again faded into obscurity, awaiting the return of their top officers, Garon Weaver and Taliran Wayfinder; their only contact with open society is via the hobbit toymaker, Gambol Mullins Coghill.

Meanwhile, the dwarves of Pyrithgarddin and the mages from the Tower of Sorcery at Cael-Daro, have been locked in a deadly stalemate against the world's only known non-Corridor portal to the planes, deep in the heart of the ancient Ferytian volcano. Word has come from travellers through Merythion that the dark elves are arming for war.



  1. The Carnival
    1. Arrival in Shyrgaard
    2. A Monstrous Murder
    3. Sunset for a Sunmaiden
    4. Bad Manors
    5. Curiosity Kills
    6. Behind the Veil
  2. Knocking on Death's Door
    1. Suspended and Open
    2. Are You Prepared?
    3. Not Dead Yet
    4. Return to Sender
  3. Hooked Into Machine
    1. Wires Without Traces
    2. Parts of a Composite
    3. Because Silence Is Harder
    4. Part of Worldly Taking
    5. Upgraded Daily
  4. A Little Help from Our Friends
    1. Lend Me Your Ears
    2. I'll Sing You a Song
    3. I'll Try Not to Sing out of Key
  5. Fire in a Spider's Web
    1. Willing to Make a Deal
    2. In a Bind and Way Behind
    3. Looking for a Soul to Steal
    4. The Demon Deals the Cards
    5. Give the Demon Her Due
  6. Below the Iron Stinger
    1. Strange Bedfellows
    2. The Music Stops
    3. Refugees
    4. Echoes of Ancient Disaster
    5. The Risen and the Fallen
    6. Sendoffs and Greetings
  7. Crystal Waters, Crystal Caves
    1. Within Breached Walls
    2. An Unstable Situation
    3. The Tortured Island
    4. Assailants Emerge