The Age of Legends

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The time immediately after the creation of Caraonis is called the "Age of Legends". It is during this time that the minor deities came into being, fleshing out the pantheon and providing the foundation of many of the world's current religions. The events of these times also brought balance to the pantheon's alignments and domains.

The Godbrothers' War

As Fezarkheddin's influence spread from his lair in Takharas, his brother Benjezzar became increasingly angry, to the point that the elder Godchild went to war against him. Their conflict laid waste to the continent of Takharas, and threatened to destroy the world. In desperation, Benjezzar empowered the humans with longer lives and greater strength, and dragged them into the conflict. In a countering move, Fezarkheddin attempted to enchant one chromatic dragon of each type so that they would reproduce faster. His efforts ran awry, however, for though the five dragons produced thousands of eggs, they hatched not into dragons, but into the hideous dracyls.

Fearing the destruction of the world, Ildrakhim empowered a sapphire dragon named Indegauron and commanded him to end the conflict and restore the balance of the world. Indegauron, aided by the his god and master, drove Benjezzar west out of Takharas into the mountains of Fylcordia, and imprisoned Fezarkheddin under the mountains of Takharas.

War still raged between the blessed humans and the accursed dracyls on the fields of Takharas. Indegauron removed the humans from Takharas, and returned them to their homes on Senestria. The dracyls he left on Takharas, as far removed from the humans as possible, where their evil could fester upon itself without harming the rest of the young world.

In order to restore humans to their original place in the world, Indegauron had to remove Benjezzar's enchantment from them, stripping them of their lengthened lifespan. Tengethar forged an enormous grindstone, called the Chronos Wheel, which slowly scraped away the enchantment with its magical powers. Indegauron was given the task of turning the wheel for all eternity, though slowly, so as to counter the enchantment woven by Benjezzar without grinding the humans down to nothing. Thus did Indegauron the dragon become Chrótemjin, god of time, balance, and age.

The Corruptors

A human named Varchai and his wife, Gemmala, lived on the continent of Ferytia long ago when it was still a realm of high civilization. They were both powerful sorcerors, who built a keep atop a tall mountain in the interior of the continent. There they researched forbidden magics, and came in contact with Fezarkheddin himself. The dark god enticed them with powers beyond their wildest dreams. He promised Varchai the ability to control the very shape of the land, for in addition to his magical studies, he was a noted geologist and was fascinated by the movement of the world. To Gemmala he offered control of all the plants of the world, for she was an avid botanist and maintained a splendid garden within the walls of the keep. Tempted by the powers of Fezarkheddin, they continued their studies of the forbidden arts, and became corrupted by their own evil. Their influence spread across Ferytia, and cast a plague of destruction and blight throughout the land. Thus did Varchai the sorceror become Perhylsaro, god of volcanoes, earthquakes, and the other destructive forces of nature. So too did Gemmala become Odiala, goddess of all the poisonous and predatory plants of Caraonis.</p>