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The following articles pertain to changes and clarifications to rules related to skills as they function on Caraonis.


The Craft skill represents training or experience in the creation of items or objects. It is broken down into several specialties as noted below. Changes to the standard list of crafting specialties are highlighted.

Specialty Typical Uses Notes
  • DC 15: acid
  • DC 20: alchemist's fire, smokesticks
  • DC 25: toxins and antitoxins, thunderstones
Consider knowledge of chemistry as part of this skill.
  • DC 10+AC: armor or shield
Basketry Generalized to Craft: Thatchery
  • DC 10: bone tools
  • DC 15: carved bone artwork, bows made from bone, composite bow lamination
New specialty.
  • DC 10: bookbinding, paper
Bows Replaced by Craft: Carpentry, Craft: Bone, Craft: Cloth.
  • DC 15: calligraphic arts, fine documents, etc.
Carpentry and Woodwork
  • DC 5: simple wooden tools and utensils
  • DC 10: wooden furniture, wooden architectural components
  • DC 12: wooden bows
  • DC 15: carved wood artwork, wagon parts, composite bow lamination
Replaces Craft: Bows for checks to construct bows.
  • DC 5: threads, yarn, twine, rope, canvas, cloth or silk bolts, normal clothing
  • DC 12: bow strings, sailcloth
  • DC 15: fine clothing
Replaces Craft: Bows for checks to construct bow strings. Combined with Craft: Clothing.
Clothing   Combined with Craft: Cloth
  • DC 5: normal shoes
  • DC 10: fine shoes
Listed as "Shoes" in the rulebooks.
  • DC 5: butchery, food preparation
  • DC 10: fine food preparation
Strangely, this isn't listed in the rules, though it seems obvious.
  • DC 5: glass bottles, flasks, etc.
  • DC 10: glass panes, precisely-measured flasks
  • DC 15: glass sculpture arts
  • DC 20: optical glass (lenses, etc.)
  • DC 10: copper or silver jewelry (10gp)
  • DC 20: copper or silver jewelry (40gp)
  • DC 25: gold jewelry (62.5gp), gemcutting
  • DC 5: cow, sheep, rabbit, or beaver leather
  • DC 10: fox, mink, ermine, or seal leather
Related to craft of the leather itself; for leather armor, use Craft: Armor.
  • DC 15: simple lock
  • DC 20: average lock
  • DC 28: good lock
  • DC 38: superior lock
DCs are not listed anywhere explicitly in the rules, but these reflect the minimums required to achieve the costs listed in the This topic is specific to the Pathfinder d20 system.Goods and Services table.
  • DC 5: basic painting (walls, building exteriors, small ornamentals ≤10gp)
  • DC 10: good artwork (20gp)
  • DC 20: fine artwork (40gp+)
  • DC 5: basic crockery, brickmaking
  • DC 10: artful pottery (20gp)
  • DC 20: fine pottery (40gp+)
  • DC 5: small ornamentals (≤10gp)
  • DC 10: good artwork (20gp)
  • DC 20: fine artwork (40gp+)
  • DC 5: ship's chest, decking, ladders and rigging
  • DC 10: block and tackle, keel, ribs, masts, wooden hull
  • DC 15: ironclad hull
  • DC 5: mundane metal ingots up to 10gp, simple metal items (utensils)
  • DC 10: mundane metal ingots up to 20gp, average metal items (pots and pans)
  • DC 15: mundane metal ingots up to 30gp, special metal ingots up to 10gp, high-quality metal items (bells)
  • DC 20: any higher-value metalwork or complex metal item
This specialty isn't listed in the rules, but seems obvious.
see also Special Materials
  • DC 5: basic stonework
  • DC 10: marble stonework
Technology technological items of various complexity This Craft skill is specific to machinists and is used to craft items of high technological sophistication.
  • DC 5: basic basketry, thatch roofing and walls
  • DC 10: artful basketry
  • DC 15: fine basket arts
Replaces Craft: Baskets
Traps see Traps at PRD  
  • DC 12: simple melee or thrown weapon, arrows
  • DC 15: martial melee or thrown weapon, crossbow, crossbow bolts
  • DC 18: exotic melee or thrown weapon


The Knowledge skill represents education or specific experience in a particular field of study. The specialties available on Caraonis are listed in the table below. Rule changes are highlighted.

Topic Notes
Architecture/EngineeringThis topic is specific to the Dungeons & Dragons d20 system.  
Corridors Replaces knowledge of the Planes. This topic is a class skill for any class which would ordinarily have knowledge of the Planes.
EngineeringThis topic is specific to the Pathfinder d20 system.  
Local A general gauge of the character's travel experience relating to knowledge of local customs. The DC of this check is lower when made in the character's home locale.
Nature Includes scientific knowledge of biology.
Planes Unavailable on Caraonis. Replaced by knowledge of the Corridors.
Sciences A combination of mathematics and physics, separate from their uses in engineering. Knowledge of biology is gauged by the Nature topic; knowledge of chemistry is included in Craft: Alchemy. This skill is a class skill for alchemists, bards, machinists, and wizards.
Tactics Measures aptitude in large-scale combat. The character's bonus in this topic is applied to checks used in mass combat rules. This is a class skill for barbarians, cavaliers, fighters, monks, paladins, and samurai.
The Game see Knowledge of the Game


The following is a list of all languages available on Caraonis; entries in italics are languages and dialects unique to the setting.

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