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Where clerics and paladins seek out the blessings of their deities on their journeys of faith, the oracle's very existence is tested by an infusion of divine energy too great for his body to contain. Though inflicted with a curse which handicaps him physically, it is that very handicap which allows the oracle to focus completely on their divine pursuits, and uncover the mysteries of the great powers.

Party Role: Oracles will join groups of like-minded adventurers, or simply use their relationship with an adventuring party to further their own religious pursuits.

Restrictions: None.

This topic is specific to the Dungeons & Dragons d20 system. D&D v3.5 Class Alternatives


This topic is specific to the Pathfinder d20 system. Pathfinder Class Adjustments

Oracles receive Knowledge:Corridors instead of Knowledge:Planes.


Like domains, certain oracle mysteries are granted only by particular deities as class abilities. Some mysteries are also affected by the Great Planar Barrier and other peculiarities of Caraonis. Available mysteries and adjustments to their secrets are listed below.

Deity Mysteries
Aurigol ancestor, flame, heavens, life, spellscar, time
Marilya ancestor, heavens, life, spellscar, time, waves
Elháyira ancestor, life, nature, wind, wood
Elcaïrnis ancestor, battle, life, nature, wind
Ildrakhim ancestor, lore, spellscar, time
Syldória ancestor, life, lore, nature, spellscar, wood
Tengethar ancestor, battle, flame, life, lore, metal, stone
Benjezzar ancestor, battle, life
Ridelyra ancestor, life, lore, nature
Fezarkheddin ancestor, battle, bone, juju, spellscar
Alvehíra nature, spellscar, stone, wood
Chrótemjin lore, spellscar, time
Demaia ancestor, life
Endogras life, lore, nature
Gryndahl battle, nature, winter
Nephria bone, juju, spellscar
Odiala lore, nature, spellscar, wood
Perhylsaro flame, nature, spellscar, stone
Mystery of the Ancestors
The Mystery of the Ancestors grants one of blasphemy, dictum, holy word, or word of chaos based on the alignment of the oracle and his patron deity. The oracle must choose one of these at 14th level as his mystery spell. This spell replaces ethereal jaunt.
This mystery grants foresight at 18th level. This spell replaces astral projection.
Mystery of Battle
Mystery of Bones
Mystery of the Dark Tapestry
This mystery is not revealed on Caraonis.
Mystery of the Flame
This mystery grants flame strike at 10th level. This replaces summon monster V.
Mystery of the Heavens
Mystery of Juju
Mystery of Life
Mystery of Lore
Mystery of Metal
Mystery of Nature
The revelation Friend to the Animals grants manifest nature's ally instead of summon nature's ally.
Mystery of the Outer Rifts
This mystery is not revealed on Caraonis.
The Spellscarred Mystery
The Animate Primal Forces ability creates new elementals rather than summoning them from the elemental planes.
Mystery of Stone
Mystery of Time
The time hop ability granted by the Mystery of Time is unchanged, as it is not true teleportation; the oracle makes his movement during a momentary stoppage of time.
Mystery of the Waves
Mystery of the Wind
Mystery of Winter
The Servant of Winter ability creates new ice elementals, rather than summoning them from the planes.
Mystery of the Woods