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The ninja prestige class represents a special training program for adventurers who would otherwise have continued as monks or rogues. It is available at a specific school outside of Methyndell called the Academy of the Black Lotus. While located within the borders of Merythion, it is one of the few places to which outsiders are allowed to travel freely. Those who join the Academy are trained for up to two years in the techniques of the ninja — assuming they survive the curriculum.

Party Role: The ninja's role is similar to the rogue's, but specializing more specifically in techniques of poisoning and assassination.

Restrictions: Anyone may become a ninja, but they must be trained at the Academy of the Black Lotus near Methyndell.

This topic is specific to the Dungeons & Dragons d20 system. D&D v3.5 Class Adjustments

The "Ninja of the Crescent Moon" prestige class may be used as published in Sword and Fist p. 30-32. All pre-requisites remain the same, with the additional restrictions noted above.

This topic is specific to the Pathfinder d20 system. Pathfinder Class Alternatives

Ninja is a base class in the Pathfinder system.