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Two natural satellites are known to orbit Caraonis.

Radiant Moon

The Radiant Moon is the planet's original satellite, created by Marilya to stir the oceans' tides and light the night sky. It is approximately one quarter of the original size and mass of Caraonis, but since the Godbrothers' War and the creation of the Scarred Moon, its mass is closer to a third of the remaining mass of the planet. The surface of the Radiant Moon is generally snow-white or gray, with darker, bluish-white craters. Some scientists and sages speculate that the bluish tinge indicates water ice on the moon. No one has yet found a means to travel there.

The Radiant Moon is not tidally locked with Caraonis, and thus its entire surface may be observed over the course of several weeks as it rotates relative to the planet.

Scarred Moon

The Scarred Moon is the second moon of Caraonis, created from the matter ejected from the planet's Great Void by a massive impact with a planetary body. It is smaller than the Radiant Moon created by Marilya at the dawn of the world. Its surface is smooth, but has streaks of dark red, brown, and black, giving it its scarred appearance. It rotates fairly rapidly in relation to Caraonis, and astronomers have thoroughly mapped its streaked surface in an attempt to infer its composition.

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