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According to the theology of Caraonis, ten powerful beings, all members of a single family, created the world by the force of their will. Each is responsible for a fundamental aspect of the world — the sun, the moon, the lands and waters, and all the humanoid races who roam its surface. Their will guides the history of the world and has defined its very shape.

In addition to the holy symbols of each deity, their relationship is represented with its own symbol, The Broken Circle. This is a ring of ten interlocking segments, with one segment always removed and slightly displaced from the others. The symbology of the Broken Circle represents the divine family's relationship, with the tenth segment, representing Fezarkheddin, offset from the others, showing his departure from the holy covenant and descent into evil. This symbol is prominently displayed over the doors of each House of Worship around Caraonis — centers of religious study in cities and villages across the world.

The First Gods

The First Gods, Aurigol and Marilya are the parents of the other eight major deities of Caraonis.

The Godchildren

The Godchildren are the eight deities of Caraonis who are the children of the original gods, Aurigol and Marilya.

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