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As devoted to their gods as clerics or paladins but more radical in their approach, the inquisitor seeks out the enemies of his faith by any means necessary.

Party Role: Inquisitors may appear as clerics, and join adventuring parties in that capacity, but often use such travels as a means to more clandestine or personal ends.

Restrictions: An inquisitor's alignment must be no more than one step off of his patron deity's. In addition, Ridelyra, Demaia, Endogras and Gryndahl do not grant blessings to inquisitors, as they have no use for such tactics.

This topic is specific to the Dungeons & Dragons d20 system. D&D v3.5 Class Substitutions

A similar role may be played by a multi-class cleric/rogue or cleric/bard.

This topic is specific to the Pathfinder d20 system. Pathfinder Class Adjustments

The inquisitor gains Knowledge:Corridors instead of Knowledge:Planes as a class skill.