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The Caraonis (from which the planet gets its name), also known as the Eye of the World, is an immense crater, over two hundred miles in diameter, at the center of the continent of Fylcordia. Its name is derived from the ancient draconic words khaurrhl, "planet", and aughnyss, "eye". It was formed by the impact of a large crystalline asteroid which struck the planet with sufficient force to exit the opposite side, like a bullet through an apple. This impact produced not only the Eye of the World but also the Great Void — the volume of the planet that was blasted out into space to form the Scarred Moon.

According to legend, the asteroid was created and sent by Fezarkheddin in an attempt to destroy Caraonis during the Godbrothers' War. Its composition and current whereabouts are unknown. Scholars assume that it was destroyed in the impact and resultant explosion, but some backyard astronomers sometimes report that they have seen a "sinister black object" shadowed against the light of the sun or other moons from time to time.