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Domains are divine powers granted by deities to their clerics, in the form of additional spells and abilities.

Domain Mapping

In Pathfinder, deities use specific subdomains. If no subdomain is listed, the normal version of the domain is used. If (any) is listed, then the deity grants the normal domain and all subdomains.

Deity This topic is specific to the Dungeons & Dragons d20 system.Domains This topic is specific to the Pathfinder d20 system.Domains
Aurigol craft, family, law, sun artifice, glory(honor), law, sun(any)
Marilya craft, moon, ocean, water artifice, darkness(moon), law, water(ocean)
Elháyira healing, plant, renewal, storm air(cloud), healing, plant, weather
Elcaïrnis animal, earth, strength air(wind), animal, strength(resolve), weather(seasons)
Ildrakhim knowledge, magic, mentalism, spell knowledge, magic(arcane), scalykind(dragon), rune(wards)
Syldória elf, law, magic, protection charm, magic(divine), plant(growth), protection(defense)
Tengethar cavern, dwarf, metal, strength artifice(construct), earth(metal), mountain, strength
Benjezzar chaos, good, retribution, war glory(heroism), good, nobility(martyr), war(tactics)
Ridelyra (gnomes) craft, gnome, good, illusion artifice(construct), community, liberation, luck
Ridelyra (hobbits) family, good, halfling, luck charm(love), community(home), liberation(freedom), luck
Ridelyra (kender) chaos, good, halfling, travel chaos(whimsy), liberation, travel(exploration), trickery(thievery)
Ridelyra (other) chaos, good, travel, trickery chaos, charm(love), luck, trickery
Fezarkheddin destruction, evil, hatred, war death(murder), destruction, evil, madness(nightmare)
Alvehíra charm, drow, magic, trickery charm, darkness(loss), earth(caves), trickery
Chrótemjin death, law, protection, time death(inevitability), law, protection, repose(ancestors)
Demaia family, fertility, healing, renewal charm(love), community(family), healing, liberation(revolution)
Endogras chaos, leisure, luck, nobility chaos, leisure, luck, nobility(leadership)
Gryndahl animal, hatred, strength animal(fur), madness, strength(ferocity), war(blood)
Nephria evil, leisure, nobility, suffering chaos, charm(lust), luck(fate), trickery(deception)
Odiala mentalism, plant, storm, suffering luck(curse), madness(insanity), plant(decay), swamp
Perhylsaro earth, fire, planning, rune destruction(catastrophe), fire(ash), rune, weather(storms)

This topic is specific to the Dungeons & Dragons d20 system. List of D&D 3.5 Domains

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This topic is specific to the Pathfinder d20 system. List of Pathfinder Domains

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References: Domains (Core); Subdomains (APG)

  • Artifice (construct, toil)
  • Charm (love, lust)
  • Community (family, home)

  • Destruction (catastrophe, rage)
  • Earth (caves, metal)
  • Evil (no eligible subdomains)
  • Fire (ash, smoke)
  • Glory (heroism, honor)
  • Good (no eligible subdomains)
  • Healing (restoration, resurrection)
  • Knowledge (memory, thought)
  • Law (no eligible subdomains)
  • Luck (curse, fate)
  • Madness (insanity, nightmare)
  • Magic (arcane, divine)
  • Nobility (leadership, martyr)
  • Plant (decay, growth)
  • Protection (defense, purity)
  • Repose (ancestors, souls)
  • Rune (language, wards)
  • Strength (ferocity, resolve)
  • Sun (day, light)
  • Water (ice, oceans)
  • Weather (seasons, storms)