Convergence of Worlds

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"Convergence of Worlds" was a campaign launched on Tuesday, 11 June, 2002, running bi-weekly with two parallel player groups until Wednesday, 06 August, 2003, and concluded after a long hiatus on Sunday, 09 July, 2006.

Over forty years had passed since the War of Violet and Silver. The nations of Caraonis had maintained a tense but stable peace during that time, recovering from the devastation wrought by the armies of Tyrillian Sarchas. While minor episodes of unrest flared up here and there, the world seemed to have settled into relative calm.

Two groups of adventurers, acting independently, began tracing loose threads in what they discovered was a vast tapestry of deceit, betrayals, and world-scale scheming. These plots and counter-plots, set in motion by the fallen bladesinger, Thaeris Lacótian, escalated into a global conflict which would become known as the Offworlders' War.

Chronicle in Brief

A bladesinger candidate named Mora Astrincendae was sent on a routine training mission to investigate problems at the spider silk farm of Feyamor Cilarron. Leading a rag-tag group of adventurers and mercenaries, she discovered that it had been taken over by a member of a radical druidic sect calling themselves The Protectorate. Dispatching their first leader, Tyrillian Arecknor, they took on a mission to seek out the other leaders of The Protectorate and either prevent or terminate their criminal activities.

They found the second cult leader, Belak Telaren, in the ruins of an ancient Baryllic citadel, high in the mountains north of Arlyrion. He had been researching a way to turn large trees into breeding grounds for tiny, humanoid plant creatures which could be controlled as minions. In the process, they also discovered the shocking presence of an infant white dragon. Though victorious in clearing out the citadel, one of their number, the bard known only as Dran, fell in battle against a bugbear, under mysterious circumstances.

More to come someday as I comb through my old notebooks... —Z