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Benjezzar created humans in order to affect change in Caraonis. Humans love Benjezzar, particularly for the freedom which he granted them in life. After his battle with his brother Fezarkheddin in the Godbrothers' War, Benjezzar became a god representing holy vengeance. Worship of Benjezzar is especially strong in Barylon.


The light of good must always shine more brightly than the darkness of evil can overcome. All wrongs must be righted justly but swiftly. War in the name of holiness is justified. The world must continually change if it is to grow and live fully; the instability of Chaos affects this change. Humans must spur the other races to grow, and younger humans must spur their elders into action; thus does the world remain dynamic and alive.

Clerics and Followers

Clerics of Benjezzar wear white robes edged with varying shades of blue, ranging from a pale pastel blue for acolytes to a dark navy blue edged with gold for hierophants and cardinals. Baryllic clerics of Benjezzar often add the seal or coat of arms of Barylon to their robes. Both clerics and paladins of Benjezzar often carry masterworked longswords modelled after the god's own weapon, the Light of Hope in Conflict. The not-so-secret dream of every paladin is to be blessed to carry a holy avenger in the name of his deity.

Worshippers of Benjezzar pray for their spells at dawn.