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Axebow is a free city on the border between the nations of Merythion and Feldarng, acting as a trade hub between the two nations.


The free city of Axebow is located at the northern edge of the forests of Merythion, on the road between the elven capitol and the city of Madrahain in Feldarng. Being near the northern tip of Ferytia, and still under the canopy of the trees, the weather in Axebow is usually cold, with frequent but manageable snow in winter.


The town is governed by a group of Trade Marshals, who regulate the markets and preside over judicial actions within the city. When a position within the organization opens, the other Marshals hire someone else from within the city to fill the post. The Marshals are concerned solely with the business and trade of the city, and have very little interaction with rulers of other nations, even the two on whose borders the city lies.


Since it is only a small town straddling the border between two powerful nations, Axebow has a better-than-negligible military capacity. Mages from the Tower at Cael-dâro are often sent here as sentinels to aid the police organization maintained by the Trade Marshals. There are hundreds of troopers in the Marshals' employ, and they are well trained in urban warfare and defense tactics.


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Since it is a free city, Axebow lives and dies by its control of trade between Feldarng and Merythion. It lies at the crossing of three roads: one to Seth-Gladdon, one to Madrahain, and one to Fytholdell. Silk, lumber, and magical devices travel up the road from the elven lands, while metals, grain, textiles, and stonework come down from the snowy highlands. This city is the only reliable source of supplies for the mages in the Tower at Cael-dâro. A popular saying among the larger nations of Ferytia states, "The only thing produced in Axebow is money."

History and Culture

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