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This topic is specific to the Pathfinder d20 system. The list below describes specific situations in which various Pathfinder archetypes are particularly well-suited (or poorly-suited) for use in the world of Caraonis, or where the setting's unique nature interferes with various archetypes' abilities. If an archetype is not listed, then there are no special considerations for its use; it may be used as-written.


Alchemists may train to become psychonauts but their planar and teleportation abilities are severely restricted; see Dimensions for details.

Reanimators may be found near Necantyr Forest, or in the eastern nations of Ferytia where corpses are easily obtained, or in Geridia where a body may find new use as part of the ubiquitous machine.


The breaker and scarred rager archetypes are particularly suited to barbarians from Galath-Môr.

The Senestrians' lack of reliance on technology or even forged weaponry makes the brutal pugilist and hurler excellent choices for their warriors.

Both Senestrians and Narcians also fit the mounted fury or savage barbarian archetypes.

The more adventurous sea captains of Tyrillia will sometimes recruit Narcian barbarians and train them to become sea reavers.

A movement of urban barbarians has been inspired by the book The Savage Scholar by the Narcian warrior Bardok.


The "masterpiece" ability Legato Piece on the Infernal Bargain may not be used.

The arcane duelist and dervish dancer archetypes are alternative entry paths into the Bladesingers' Guild for those who do not specifically take up the Bladesinger class. These adventurers may be granted membership in the Guild but do not advance in their ranks as true bladesingers do.

Savage skalds may be found in the various barbarian nations of the world (Galath-Môr, Senestria, and Narcia). Senestrians may also become animal speakers.

Ship captains from Tyrillia often employ sea singers when able.


(no additional notes)


Subdomains (PRD · d20pfsrd)
The following subdomains involving extraplanar effects or abilities may not be chosen for clerics of Caraonis: Agathion, Archon, Azata, Daemon, Demon, Devil, Inevitable, Protean.
Other subdomains have been modified to better fit the peculiar characteristics of Caraonis's dimensions. See Domains on this wiki for details.
Variant Channelling Abilities (PRD · d20pfsrd)
These variants may be used only if aligned with a particular deity's portfolio, as listed below.
References: (PRD) · (d20pfsrd)
Deity Thematic Variants
Aurigol Bravery and Valor; Fate; Fire; Justice and Law; Protection; Sun
Marilya Air, Sky, and Wind; Beauty and Love; Dreams; Fate; Oceans
Elháyira Farming; Nature; Oceans
Elcaïrnis Air, Sky, and Wind; Hunting; Nature
Ildrakhim Contracts and Oaths; Fate; Knowledge; Magic; Protection; Secrets
Syldória Art and Music; Beauty and Love; Magic; Protection
Tengethar Ale and Wine; Bravery and Valor; Destruction; Earth; Forge; Strength
Benjezzar Battle and Wrath; Bravery and Valor; Protection; Revenge; Weapons
Ridelyra Art and Music; Freedom; Luck; Trickery
Fezarkheddin Battle and Wrath; Darkness; Death; Murder; Revenge; Slavery and Tyranny; Weapons
Alvehíra: Beauty and Lust; Darkness; Madness; Nightmares; Self-Perfection
Chrotemjin Contracts and Oaths; Death; Fate; Protection; Secrets
Demaia Freedom; Protection
Endogras Ale and Wine; Art and Music
Gryndahl Battle and Wrath; Destruction; Hunting; Murder; Strength
Nephria Ale and Wine; Art and Music; Beauty and Lust; Envy; Poison; Trickery
Odiala Darkness; Disease; Farming; Nature; Pain; Poison
Perhylsaro Darkness; Destruction; Earth; Fire
Cloistered Clerics (PRD · d20pfsrd)
Cloistered clerics are found in main temples of the world and in some Towers of Sorcery.
Undead Lord (PRD · d20pfsrd)
The undead lord archetype may not be used by clerics of Chrótemjin even though his portfolio includes "death". Undeath goes against Chrótemjin's dogma.


In general, climate-focused druids may be found commonly in locations where climates are unusual or extreme. Aquatic druids are common among the aquatic races of Caraonis: the Suphilion elves and the Nerethani. Arctic druids appear in Galath-Môr. In Geridia, some who prefer nature to technology become desert druids. Jungle druids inhabit the rainforests of Vallesion.

Animal shamans are common among the Senestrian tribes.

Some blight druids and swamp druids live in the marshes of southeast Ferytia, as non-cleric worshippers of Odiala.

Dragon shamans are exceedingly rare; the archetype may not be used by PCs.


The archer archetype is a common entry path to the Arcane Archer prestige class and membership in the Archers' Corps in Arlyrion.

The army of Solaria specifically provides training to become phalanx fighters and polearm masters.

Roughrider is a training regimen often used in Narcia, as is two-handed fighter.

Dracyls, with their natural claw attacks, may train as savage warriors.

Two-weapon warriors may be deputized by the Bladesingers' Guild but do not advance in their ranks without specific bladesinger training.


Inquisitors may be found serving every lawful deity of Caraonis. The doctrines of non-lawful deities don't generally include the sort of tenets that would make inquisitions necessary.

See the Cleric section above for notes on domains.

Black Powder Inquisitors serve Tengethar.

Exorcists are as rare as knowledge of the Planes themselves; no PC may be an exorcist.

Inquisitors for Marilya and Syldória may not be iconoclasts, spellbreakers, or witch hunters, as both goddesses are concerned in part with the preservation, not destruction, of magic.


The blackblade's teleport blade power functions only at close range (25+5Lv ft) and is not a teleportation effect — the blade moves at amazing but perceptible speed, traversing the distance to the blackblade's hand as part of his standard action.

The kensai archetype is favored by elven magi.


Training in the zen archer archetype is sometimes used to enter the Archers' Corps in Arlyrion; these people are referred to as "mystic archers".

Ki powers that mimic spells are subject to the same restrictions as those equivalent spells; see Dimensions for details.


For information on all mysteries, including alternative mysteries from Ultimate Magic, see Oracle.

An oracle may become an enlightened philospher but the ethereal jaunt and astral projection bonus spells are subject to restriction; see Dimensions for details. By contrast, the planar oracle archetype may not be used at all.


Oathbound paladins exist but the oaths are subject to some modifications.

  • Oath Against Corruption
    • The Cast into the Void power shunts the aberration into a dimensional pocket which then closes. The pocket cannot be broken from inside or outside, but dissolves in 100+10Lv years. This pocket remains in the square where the aberration was standing. Creatures may pass through this space normally, but objects that contain extradimensional spaces (such as handy haversacks) cannot; any creature holding such an object must move around that space.
  • Oath Against Fiends
    • The DC of the Will save to resist the paladin's anchoring aura is 16 + Lv + Charisma modifier (instead of 10+½Lv+mCHA). It operates in addition to the restrictions already in place against teleportation and planar travel; see Dimensions for details.
    • The 4th-level bonus spell is dismissal instead of plane shift.
  • Oath Against Undeath
  • Oath Against the Wyrm

The sacred servant archetype may not be used.

Knights of Barylon often become undead scourges in defense of the kingdom against the undead hordes of Necantyr Forest.

The Warrior of the Holy Light particularly fits well with the sun-centric culture of Solaria and its knighthood, the Order of Aurigol.

"Paladins" of evil-aligned deities begin play as antipaladins at 1st-level.


Rangers from Senestria and Narcia may take the mounted combat fighting style, and the Narcians may also prefer the two-handed weapon style. These groups also include rangers of the horse lord archetype.

Dracyls may use gain extra benefits from their claw attacks by training in the natural weapon combat style.


(no additional notes)


The following bloodlines may not be used: djinni, efreeti, marid, shaitan.

The accursed bloodline's dream walking power is subject to the restrictions on the normal ethereal jaunt spell; see Dimensions.

The aquatic bloodline is suited for anyone who is a member of, or descended from, one of the aquatic races of Caraonis. Replace summon monster VII with vortex or elemental body IV (water elemental only).

It is possible to take the dreamspun archetype but its powers are extremely limited. See the article on Dimensions for more details.

Protean sorcerors often worship one of the evil minor deitiesAlvehíra, Odiala, or Perhylsaro.

For serpentine bloodline, replace spells as follows:

  • (7th) sepia snake sigil
  • (15th) hold person, mass

The shadow bloodline's Shadow Well ability is harder to perform. Since it is a dimension door effect, it is subject to the same restrictions as the spell; see Dimensions for details.

The starsoul bloodline's Breaching the Gulf ability does not function on Caraonis as it does on other Material Plane worlds. The sorceror must succeed at a caster level check equal to half the plane's spell resistance (DC 32) or the effect fizzles. If successful, rather than being flung into space, the target creature is crammed into a dimensional pocket, pinched out of the surrounding space, and coexistent with an adjacent space no more than five feet away from the target's original location. This pocket is unstable, requiring only a standard action to escape. The pocket's instability deals crushing damage instead of cold damage (still 6d6 per round), but since it is created from the space adjacent to the target, conditions within the pocket are otherwise similar to those outside, including temperature and breathable atmosphere for 5 rounds.


The Summoner class cannot be chosen in Caraonis, as it depends on access to other planes.


Alternative Hexes
  • The summon spirit grand hex may be used, but does not summon an outsider. Instead, it summons the spirit of someone who has died recently enough that they have not yet passed through the gates of the afterlife, beyond the reach of resurrection.
Alternative Patrons
  • The Patron of the Occult grants wail of the banshee instead of gate at 18th level.
  • The Patron of Portents grants telepathic bond instead of contact other plane at 10th level.
  • The Patron of Spirits grants swarm skin instead of planar ally at 16th level. It still grants shadow walk, ethereal jaunt, and etherealness, but these spells are limited in their function; see Dimensions for details.
  • The Patron of Stars grants astral projection but its usefulness is limited.
  • The Patron of Time grants permanency instead of teleport at 10th level.

Beast-bonded witches commonly worship Elcaïrnis or Alvehira; the latter usually choose spiders (giant or otherwise) as their familiars.

Gravewalkers can be found lurking in Necantyr Forest and anywhere else with close association with the dead and undead.

Hedge witches may take on the role of healer in nomadic settlements throughout Senestria, Narcia, and Galath-Môr, and are more rarely found in Geridia as factory medics.

The sea witch is a commonly-told legend in Tyrillia, and some say that sea witches inhabit the wilderness on the fringes of the kingdom.


The True Name discovery cannot be learned.

The Banishment subschool's powers are enhanced by the plane's natural resistance to interplanar travel. The Unstable Bonds ability's duration is equal to 2Lv (instead of ½Lv). The DC of the Will save allowed by Aura of Banishment has a +16 cumulative circumstance bonus.

The Shadow subschool's Shadow Step ability is subject to the same restrictions as the shadow walk spell; see Dimensions for details.

The Teleportation subschool's Shift ability is subject to the same restrictions as the dimension door spell; see Dimensions for details. Its range is further reduced to no more than 5 feet (rather than scaling at 2.5Lv feet).