Arcane Archer

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Infusing magical energies into their bows and arrows, arcane archers are renowned guardians of elvish lands in both Arlyrion and Merythion, and are the foundation of the former's Archers' Corps.

Party Role: The arcane archer offers the tactical advantage of long-range combat enhanced by magical abilities. When not assigned to patrol duty on the borders of their homelands, they will join adventuring parties on international missions to protect their nation's interests.

Restrictions: Nearly all arcane archers are elves; however, the Archers' Corps of Arlyrion will take on "honorary" trainees of other races if significant compensation is provided.

This topic is specific to the Dungeons & Dragons d20 system. D&D v3.5 Class Adjustments

The arcane archer prestige class may be used as published in the Dungeon Master's Guide, p. 176-177. Prerequisites remain as listed except where noted in Restrictions above.

This topic is specific to the Pathfinder d20 system. Pathfinder Class Definition/Adjustments

The arcane archer prestige class may be used as published.