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Fatcow-arrow-divide.png This article is about the human race. For specific humans, see Category:Humans.

Humans can be found in almost any habitable locale on Caraonis.

Physical Description

A human may stand anywhere from 4'11" to 6'6" in height and vary widely in weight. Several distinct ethnic groups of humans exist in specific areas of the world, and each has its own averages of skin color, height, weight, and culture. Below are some particular ethnic groups with distinguishing tendencies.

tan skin; dark hair
fair skin; black, brown, or blonde hair; slighter build; sharp features with echoes of elvish; culturally, men often have long mustaches
Feldish and Suldish
taller stature; dark skin; black hair; strong build
Harombyri and Galmoric
pale skin; blonde or red hair; slightly heavier build
shorter stature; slim but strong; darker skin; dark, coarse hair
taller stature; light brown, red, or blonde hair; thick facial hair (on men), often adorned
reddish-brown skin; dark hair often worn long; less body hair; narrowed, almost elvish eyes
Solarian and Tyrillian
taller stature; tan skin; thicker hair of black, brown, or blonde; muscular; more body and facial hair (on men)


Human social structures vary by regional culture. In general, humans are driven by ambition and idealism (whether for good or evil) because of their relatively shorter lifespans.


Human populations grow more quickly than those of other races, and as such they are forced to interact with their neighbors. Their natural curiosity regarding other races also compels them to reach out and establish relationships with others. Their sense of ambitious urgency is a sometimes-unwelcome agitant in other societies, particularly of elves and dwarves. The dark side of this ambition is expressed in territorial warfare.


Several majority-human nations exist across Caraonis.

From the northwest, counter-clockwise around the edges of the continent, are the lands of Feldarng, Andelgia, and Mallanyr, all dominated by humans. The free city of Axebow also has a large human population, mixed with Merythion elves and dwarves.
The eponymous nation of Fylcordia occupies most of the habitable land on the central continent, around the circumference of the Eye of the World.
The nation of Harombyr lies on a strip of territory between the Dusk Edge Range and Necantyr Forest in northwestern Senestria. The nation of Barylon borders it to the south, and in turn its southern edge is blurred with the territory of the nomadic Senestrian tribes. Telmarhan occupies the valley between Barylon and the coastal kingdom of Solaria to the southeast. The technocratic republic of Geridia spans the length and breadth of the eastern desert.
Remnants of the war-ravaged nations of Eoncordia, Suldarng, and Zemolland still exist on Takharas,
The kingdom of Tyrillia stands on the western shores of this continent, while the barbaric tribes of the Narcian Confederation roam its northern interior.


Humans as a race have no innate predisposition toward any alignment, though some members of other races might assert differently.


Benjezzar is widely worshipped by humans, being their creator, but as a whole humans might worship any of the deities.


Names for humans vary by their homeland's culture and native language.


Humans' ambitious nature leads many into the adventuring lifestyle, and they are equally suited and adaptable for any adventuring role.

Ethnic Traits

Members of particular ethnic groups may take up racial traits based on their ancestry.

  • This topic is specific to the Dungeons & Dragons d20 system. The traits below are to be treated as additional traits as part of a human subrace, and must be noted where applicable to the character's ethnic origins.
  • This topic is specific to the Pathfinder d20 system. These traits are in addition to other "race traits" available at character creation, and may be chosen as traits if applicable to the character's ethnic origins.

Blood of the Icefolk
Humans from the frozen tundras around Galáth-môr have an innate affinity for colder climates, but this has left them vulnerable to the extreme heat found in other parts of the world. They gain a +1 racial bonus to saving throws vs. cold effects, and gain cold resistance 1, but also suffer a -1 racial penalty to saving throws vs. fire effects and heat-related effects such as exhaustion.
Born on the Plains
The nomadic people of the nation of Senestria are at one with their environment, and eschew technological pursuits. They gain a +1 racial bonus to Survival, Ride, and Knowledge:Nature checks, and these skills are always class skills for them; however, Senestrians may never become artificers or alchemists, and suffer a -1 racial penalty to Knowledge:Engineering.
Geridian Aptitude
Humans from Geridia grow up around machines and have an innate understanding of technology. They gain a +1 racial bonus to Disable Device and Knowledge:Engineering skills, and these skills are always class skills for them. Conversely, they suffer -1 racial penalties to Use Magic Device checks.
Watcher of the Waves
The rolling oceans around Tyrillia are part of its people's natural rhythms. Tyrillians gain +1 racial bonus to Survival checks when navigating on the open sea. They also gain a +1 racial bonus to Swim checks, and Swim is always a class skill. However, their soul-bond to the sea is also compulsive — if a Tyrillian goes a month without seeing the ocean, he suffers a cumulative -1 racial penalty to Will saves until he can return to the shore and once again behold the wonder of the sea.